Fibers in stainless steel tube production line

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Fiber coloring machine

Shanghai in china Weiye OFC Equipment C. Ltd has been customized in soluble fiber optical wire machinery studying and manufactuering for more than eighteen years. We are typically the specialist manufacture for fiber content optic cable machinery, these kinds of as Fibers coloring equipment, secondary finish line, SZ stranding range, sheathing brand, fiber bow machine, since all kinds of inside cable production line. In 2011, Shanghai Weiye grew to be a joint-venture company together with Tongding Group. In often the latest several years, Each of our yearly generation volume actually reaches 30 thousand USD. All of our equipment features high functioning speed, high quality, and are generally highly automatic. In the course of 18 years we have never ever changed our factory deal with, use the insistance about good quality and resolution with customer care.


Fiber coloring machine

Shanghai Weiye offers a self-owned manufacturing vegetable. The available producing room counts to over 4,000 sqm. The plant provides steel operating workshop, welding course, surface treating job retail outlet, electric components constructing workhop, mechanical components do the job purchase, debug and check jogging work shop. A lot more than ninety days people usually are enrolled in our business. A lot of them are experiences technical engineers and also tenchinicians, who have got been working in this specific field for more as compared to 10 years. Included in this, presently there is one nationa acadamician (Well-known expert Mr. Xie Yijian), one supreme school engineers, 25 engineers. The particular quatity of engineers is important to more than thirty in the whole staff. griddle id=”eWebEditorTempInsertTag”>

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